Like a few of you folks out there, I’m struggling to actually write my essay. I have planned it out carefully for the last few weeks, but when the time came to actually begin, I couldn’t. Does anyone else experience the This? What kinds of methods help you over come this? I know my thesis, I know my content, and everything is so organized already, what can I do to actually write the first sentence without second thoughts?


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  1. My advice: start writing.

    Strategies for writing (adapted from Norton Field Guide pgs 289-293):

    Free-writing activity
    Pick a subject, topic or question.
    Write as much as you can for 10-15 minutes without stopping or reviewing.
    Once the time expires, review and highlight any relevant material
    Restart for another 10-15 minutes

    Follow process above, but with the restart, continue on from those highlighted parts
    Some structuring strategies might include “what I mean to say is…”, “I always need to mention”, “what I still don’t understand”
    Seek to clarify, refine, revise and improve your document
    Continue as needed

    Brainstorm things to talk about, and aspects. Don’t worry about making complete sentences, just worry about generating ideas and links between them

    Impose a visual order on your lists by arranging the ideas
    Writing out individual terms from your lists on cue cards allows them to be more easily rearranged
    Alternatively, use powerpoint
    Write down examples, relevant readings or even connective sentences between the ideas, either to follow up or to structure the direction of your paper

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