Why I Don’t Post Selfies

After reading Murray’s “Notes to Self: The Visual Culture of Selfies in the Age of Social Media”, I became curious as to how many selfies I currently have on my Instagram. I chose to analyze my Instagram account considering it’s the social media platform I use the most. From my first post in 2014 up until now, I have 7 selfies posted out of my 218 posts. To be honest, I used to have more selfies on my account back in 2013, when selfies became a big thing. Over time, I deleted those selfies along with other posts on my Instagram. I chose to delete those selfies because they no longer reflect what I would like to present on my online accounts; demonstrating a shift in self-disclosure. When looking through all of my current posts, I realized that they are mostly composed of my friends, events, artsy photos (images of my surroundings), and projects I’m working on. I’ve always put others first and that’s what is reflected on my Instagram account. I prefer to present myself online the same way I do offline because I want my online presentation to be a reflection of who I am, along with my values and beliefs. As a result of my Christian lifestyle, I only choose to partake in photos that I am comfortable with having posted online.


One thought on “Why I Don’t Post Selfies

  1. The question I would ask, can you know the true you outside of the you you are trying to portray? Obviously this question can go either way but it does bring up an interesting dichotomy: If we are trying so hard to establish ourselves as one way or another through our social media interactions and portrayal, and by extension doing the same in real life, are we making ourselves into the person we want to be or are we tricking ourselves into thinking we’ve becoming who we want to be? is our identity separate from the various masks and obfuscations that we use to distinguish ourselves are one way or another?


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