Be Your Selves

Thompson notes in his article “Be Your Selves”, “The internet and social media don’t create new personalities; they allow people to express sides of themselves that social norms discourage in the “real world”. Although the internet can be a scary place where people explicitly share their opinions in a blatant manner, it can also be a wonderful place for people to express their values, beliefs, opinions, ideas, etc. Depending on the affordances of a platform, individuals can limit who they wish to share their thoughts with. There are many people who have multiple accounts on different social media platforms so that they can express themselves to the audience of their choice. I for one am not afraid to post images, particularly on Instagram, that are reflective of lifestyle as a Christian, such as a photo of a Bible verse or a photo of me with friends at church. This is because my account is private and therefore, my posts are not available to the whole world to view and share their thoughts in the comments of my photos. I only post such photos because of the value they hold to me. I believe I post them in a manner that does not cause any uproar considering I have not received any comments in retaliation, despite my diverse following. The ability to express this important part of my life in an asynchronous form, makes me comfortable with sharing my thoughts.


One thought on “Be Your Selves

  1. I think it’s great to read that people find means and methods to express their spirituality and relationship with god on an open level. It can be certain that the free of judgement or the conviction to share are often barriers we have to surpass in order to truly embrace our identities in terms of ourselves, I think it’s important to acknowledge that our own thoughts and values are exactly that, ours, and no one can take that away from us. my only free is what kind of situation the social exclusion can lead to. Nice post!


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