LECTURE 2-  09/12/17

Key Terms:

-Platforms: system for coordinating and exchanging information between people

-Media convergence: one or more platforms become integrated, easier to access

-Madia ecology: study of media as environments

-Web 2.0: not actual platform/technology, it is the way we are participating on the internet

-Social media: generally goes beyond private, dyadic communication between two people, happens in a public or semi public forum. Emerged 10 years ago.

Models of communication:

-Interpersonal             exchange information


Sender –> Message –> Channel –> Receiver –> Feedback –> Repeat

Three successive approaches to causality

-Teleological: a purpose, a destination, old and new

-Mechanistic: linear cause and effect

-Non linear (cyclical): interoperating, phenomena, butterfly effect

Structuration Theory: individuals create things through social practice. Structure, action, structure.

Three key differences between tranditional and social media models





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