To Selfie or Not to Selfie..?

This tumblr site: Selfies at Serious Places, shows a multitude of examples of people taking selfies at inopportune times, as mentioned in the Selfie presentation from last week. This site shares people’s photos taken at various ‘innapropriate’ places, from Holocaust memorials, to funerals.


2 thoughts on “To Selfie or Not to Selfie..?

  1. On a quick scan of this blog, it’s really interesting to see how some people sent in apologies years after the pictures were shared, and rather than taking them down, they often ask for it to remain up (with blurred faces and names). The blog admin says it’s about keeping up a conversation on respect for tragedy and what that means in an age of selfies!

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  2. I think the actions of those who have asked to keep their photos up is vital to encourage change and recognition of respect for past events and future ones. Not only that but also to recognize that selfies are a fairly new phenomenon on social media in such a mass scale that everyone is still fumbling through the unspecified etiquette of this type of media.


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