Ubiquitous Photography

November 23 2017

Ubiquitous Photography

  • “over the last two decades, digital images have become ubiquitous aspects of daily life in advanced societies. The rise of digital photography as an ordinary practice ha transformed th landscape of visual communication and culture: events, activist, moments, objects and people are ‘captured’ and distributed as images on an unprecedented scale” (1)

Thinking about photographic practice

Photographic practices

  • Hand distinguishes b/w the private and the public, the important and the mundane, amateur and professional, personal an ubiquitous and explores how new technologies have afforded new practices and shifted processes in the making, taking, storing, sharing and viewing of photographs
  • Making -> taking -> storing -> sharing -> viewing

Effects of Ubiquitous Photography

  • Hand talks about how ubiquitous photography standardization the visual landscape while increases the ranges of interpretation among social groups and communities of practice (pg 12)

What do we make of his example to make this case? (pg 13) (group discussion)

  • a move from quantity to quality, cutting down to one picture and refining it

Reference of attribute lists

  • Humphrey’s list (2015): social presence, temporal structure, media richness, permanence, replicability, mobility
  • Baym’s list (2010): interactivity, temporal structure, social cues, storage, replicability, reach, mobility

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