Van Dijck’s Model for Social Media Platforms

I’m going to be completely honest: I found this model extremely confusing when I first read the chapter assigned to us. I think it’s probably due to the severe lack of visual representation of the model.

Van Dijck leaves us with a Venn diagram of six overlapping circles representing the six aspects of social media platforms. While this diagram does a good job of showing us how a platform is made up of these six things such that they’re interconnected.

I decided to build on that representation, as well that circular representation that we looked at in class on Tuesday. Here are the notes I came up with:

Obviously, this is not a complete representation of the model as discussed in the reading or in class. However, it may be a good starting point if you’re reviewing or looking to deepen your understanding.

Hope it’s helpful!

PureSolution Design. Set of Flat Line Icons. Behance,
Dijck, Jose van. “Disassembling Platforms, Reassembling Sociality.” The Culture of Connectivity: a Critical History of Social Media, Oxford University Press, 2013.


3 thoughts on “Van Dijck’s Model for Social Media Platforms

  1. I agree that when we first starting learning about Van Dijck’s Model for Social Media Platforms, I couldn’t quite grasp what it was trying to convey. I really like how you simplified the model for us and tried to make it so much easier to understand.

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  2. Absolutely love the much more elaborate diagram you’ve made here, honestly I would much prefer this one be included for understanding while Van Dijck’s for simplicity. Great job! I agree that first seeing the initial model I was at a loss for words regarding understanding it

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