Big Data & Twitter & Promoted Posts

Screenshot_2017-11-11-01-19-24The other night I was scrolling through Twitter absently until I came across the above post. A promoted post by Data Marketing 2017, sharing an article on how Spotify uses Big Data, ML and AI to further their business prospects. Now this, at 1 in the morning threw me for a loop. Can anyone say: Big Data usage at it’s finest? (For Spotify and for me..). It was not too long prior to my discovery of this tweet that I was googling Big Data and its effects on our participation in society, and since then I have come across several tweets and posts just like the one in the attached screenshot. This emphasizes how much Big Data has infiltrated our lives.

Interested in the article? Well after a quick search for it the following day, I found that the article did indeed discuss Spotify’s unique way of reaching out to it’s consumers. But even more importantly, after a little digging I found that Spotify is also utilizing firms that looks eerily similar to SilverPush (although, perhaps a little less creepy), which we had discusses in previous lectures.

I decided to write this blog post to emphasize the fact that Big Data and its’ counterparts work tirelessly to obtain data about our habits and behaviours. Simultaneously pushing information at us while collecting more data.


One thought on “Big Data & Twitter & Promoted Posts

  1. Might not be exactly Big Data related, but I did find that is a very interesting site, and I would hazard a guess that it relies on a truly massive amount of data to be able to analyze and tag various site and particular web pages as being of interest you each individual. Of particular note is that the website adjusts to you and each other individual to push forth interesting content on a consistent basis.


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