Using social media to participate in Remembrance Day

This morning I needed Facebook to tell me where to stream a live broadcast of the Remembrance Day celebrations. I do not have cable (not by choice, I still live at home), and it was too cold to take my 2 year old downtown Cambridge to observe the events in person. We did go last year, but could not see anything and this year it did not seem like an event we could go to. To top it off, downtown Cambridge is a sketchy place and has become very run down and dangerous, especially over the last few years. Personally I do not feel safe here, nor do I want to be in the area if I can help it.

So, a few minutes of searching and frantically trying to find something of quality to stream, I got a great video and we watched together on my tablet. It was a comfortable experience, and the benefit of viewing cut away videos and prior news stories to contextualize the importance of certain events helped to draw the whole experience together. Don’t get me wrong, I like in person participation and being present for big events, but some of the intended highlights can get lost among other parts of the experience. The drawbacks are that I can not choose to turn off the commentary made by the hosts…and to be honest sometimes I don’t care to listen to their experience or subjectivity about the events. I would like it better if they simply introduced who was presently speaking or what what going on, but the nature of news has changed drastically over the years.

Without social media and multimedia working together today, we probably would not have had the opportunity to participate in Remembrance Day today.


One thought on “Using social media to participate in Remembrance Day

  1. The question I would ask in this situation is this: does Remembrance day have to be a strictly present or social day? If one has personal or familial ties to the day due to various factors, is not observing Remembrance day as significant as viewing it through social media?


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