Lecture 3: Introduction to Social Media

Key Terms


Attributes- capacities of social media form that allow capabilities, Humphreys examples on pg.25

Media Richness

Technology form, genre




  • Social- ability of individuals to communicate through technology
  • Technical
  • Textual


Temporal Structure

  • Synchronous- at the same time, like a chat vs asynchronous, interacting at different times, like emails
  • Altered presence and dynamics of communication


Social Cues

  • Greater social cues mean greater media richness, fewer means less



  • The capacity for a message to be stored and the requirement of that storage



  • The ability of a message to be copied (replicated)



  • Virality, replicability and such



  • Portability leads to possibility for enhanced coordination of interaction


One the effects another on the points of the attributes and social media as a whole, leading to interdependence



2G-1991- Digital cellular

3G-2001-2009- Mobile broadband

4G-2010- Possibly network IPs


The internet- the technological infrastructure that is the basis for what we do in the web like email


What is the internet

The network of networks

Understood best as a metonymy for “a complex, shifting, intertwined mix of institutions, technologies and practices

No single thing or net but rather a matrix of referent including “hardware, software, etc.”


How can we study the impact of the internet?





Trajectory of the terminology of the internet

1970s, emergence

1980s, confusion

1990s, consolidation


Two important metaphors that emerge in 1990s

Interactivity, facilitated by immediacy and open access of technology



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