Lecture 14: Online Lives 2.0 (We Live in Public – Full Documentary)

ENGL 295 lecture 14

What are thoughts on the movie as we were watching this:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Creeped out
  • Why they did just walk away


Who is Josh Harris:

  • Avatar play
  • Media play
  • Customization optimization
  • Different roles we take on as we move on throughout are lives


Online lives 2.0

  • Suggest a triangulation of three key media sites inaugurated the emergence of web 2.0: Myspace, second life (everything is customizable, online market with it to) and Word Press
  • All social media technologies afford to varying degrees of autobiographical practices
  • Sustained engagement has complicated distinction between offline and online selves as well as public and private spheres
    • These realms become blurred as the two collide through are interactions amidst society

Into the realm of multiple selvesENGL 295 lecture 14.1

Several Key contentions of the book:

  • The study of online practice require a consideration of the following:
    • Role and effect of affordances (technological and social)
    • How identity is produced through presentational and representational practices
      • Performance, storytelling, life-writing, avatar play
  • “when it come to analyzing the effect of self-representational media out analysis must remain attentive to the self as an effect of representation – the affordances, strategies, techniques, and intended audiences – rather than ones identity being expressed through online practices” (6)



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