Lecture 12: Text analysis on Voyer

Brain storm

  • What are some of the ways we might analyze this phenomenon?
    • Other than the prof
    • Scholarly sources – we want to have information from people other analysis’s of this type of media
    • Following the outline we have, we can see how this information translates against the data and whether it transfers
    • How to put it into perspective – if the aspect, culture, technology of this phenomenon can compare to what people where talking about years ago
    • Getting all of the data from all of these tweets
      • What is the emotional value
    • Consult resources
      • Humphrey’s
      • Marwick and Boyd
      • Larissa Hjorth
      • Jose van Dijck
      • Search on PRIMO
    • You want to generate a larger persective of this

Ways of analyzing:

  • Close reading
  • Distant reading
  • Timeline mapping
  • Discourse analysis
  • Critical analysis ( Fuchs)


Some Perspectives:

  • Platforms as technological systems


Tracking trends:



Intended Learning Outcome:

  • Identify #metoo as a social media phenomenon and describe

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