Lecture 9: Social Change – Class Presentations in Class Group 1

Comparison between Ethical Media and Democracy

Small Change : why the revolution will not be tweeted -by Gladwell



Class Lecture:

  • How was Twitter used by the protesters?
  • How was the Twitter


Twitters Role:



Political Activisim & Twitter


Iranian election protest – 2009

Arab Spring – 2010


Featherman’s Research:

  • Brief historical overview (contexts) and the brief discussion of his social media technology under study (page 1-6)
  • Brief discussion of research contexts (pg 6-8)
  • Discusses previous research about witter in general and as political tool (pg 8 -9)
  • Application to his own projects (page 10-11)


Research Focus:



To study ideology (chp 3)

  • Collected 217 news articles from six leading U.S. Legacy newspapers: The New York Times, USA Today, The Wasington Post, The WSJ, The Newyork Daily News and the Christian Science Monitor
  • Articles were published between june 1-30, 2009
  • Amassed 200,000 – word corpus



  • Critical discourse analysis (CDA)
    • Interdisciplinary


Discourse Analysis:

  • Featherman


Western Media Analysis:

Opinons ranged from utopian



Key Idea:

  • Revolutions in communication (forms and technologies) can lead to revolutions in culture
  • Social and technology revolutions in communincation structures society, individuals, cultures, technology in complex ways



  1. How was twitter used by the protesters?
    • They used twitter to circumvent twitter for media control
  2. How was the twitter use of protesters described by the media?
  3. How was the potential for social media as a political tool described by the media?
  4. How much of an impact did social media have on the outcome of the events?

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