Lecture 8: Exploiting Social Media

ENGL 295 lecture 8ENGL 295 lecture 8.2

  • Sociable Media: “all of this information is compiled into a machine -learning-massed profile of you, along with device information and other detail, to create a dossier that silver push parent company silver edge tells its advertising clients both ‘immediate and accurate” (blue)
  • Output: “further, when a company combines the information from the different devices, an extremely detailed picture emerges (CDT)


Putting Terms into Practice:


Ideologies of Sharing:

  • Utopian:
    • “honest and open (computer-mediated) communication between individuals; the promise of knowledge of the self and of the other based on the verbalization of out inner thought and feeling”
    • Enhanced equality “the premise of an end to alienation, exploitation, self-centered greed”
  • Dystopian:
    • Exact opposite of the utopian view
    • Digital content creation allows for unprecedented means of explosion and alienation
    • Increasing media consumption will lead to subversive media literacies, allowing for great control and explosion

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