Lecture 7 Net Work Operations

ENGL 295 lecture 7ENGL 295 lecture 7.2

  • Aspects of Sharing:
    • Forms of sharing
      • Production
      • Consumption
    • Types of sharing
      • Voluntary (posting info) <> involuntary (in this class we are involuntarily tweeting – goes back to technological determinism, social shaping)
      • Active (consciously posting, meaning to send certain signs and signals, i.e. Sending emojis, sending of feelings) <> Passive (Netflix – knowing when you stop watching a show as a means to develop better shows)
    • Types of shared content
      • Personal<> impersonal
      • Commercial (all the searching that we do on google, is sold to companies for more information regarding what interest society) <> non-commercial (things like status updates)
    • Forms and types of sharing help to produce a sharing economy
    • Sharing economy:
      • Includes both production and consumption, with overlapping ideological motives sustaining each
        • Profit vs. Benefit
        • Organization vs community
        • Brings us back to the concept of sharing, consumption, production and co-creation
    • Effects of sharing:
      • Sharing leads to the development of coalitions: alliances of varying social cultures that trade in goods, capital, and information
      • John argues that “the notion of ‘sharing’ today involves the expansion of the public at the expense of the private”
      • Sharing also creates

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