Marketing Through Influencers

I have been following blogs for many years. In the last couple of years, they have been posting more and more paid content. People with a large number of followers on social media are influencers (Van Dijck, 2013). They are the new way of using social media for marketing. Social media influencer marketing is the capability to reach out to an audience through someone’s social media platforms (Sassine, 2017). Before the age of social media, celebrities were used for marketing. Now anyone who has a lot of followers on their social media can promote products (Sassine, 2017). Young people nowadays generally do not watch TV or read newspapers as before. They are now using social media. Companies need to be more creative and find new ways in which they can find a new target audience for their products. Van Dijck (2013) says that ad culture is turning into a recommendation culture. Influencers recommend products when they are marketing products. Some influencers even pick which products from a company they want to promote and recommend those to their followers.

The blogs that I read often share the authors thought process when choosing a company to with which to collaborate. They choose their collaborations if they feel that the companies’ products are something that their readers would like to read about. In the beginning of marketing through influencers, some joined partnerships that were irrelevant to their audience. An example of a poorly chosen collaboration is the Pepsi ad that featured Kendall Jenner. She has a huge following on Instagram, and the fans didn’t like the ad; Pepsi ended up taking the ad down.

Companies come up with new marketing strategies as social media develops. No one knows what the strategies of marketing of the future will be.

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Emily Hesselmark


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