From Facebook to Twitter

Facebook or twitter

There is a good chance that if you are reading this blog post you have either an account on Facebook or on Twitter (or both). You can probably remember “the Facebook days” in grade school when you were harvesting crops on Farmville and liking your classmate’s statuses to receive an ever so anticipated “TBH”. Suddenly, around 2011, you got your first smart phone and started tweeting instead of making statuses because you didn’t want to be the only kid at school who didn’t know how to use a hashtag. But why in 2011? What caused the movement from Facebook’s popularity to Twitter’s?

Don’t get me wrong, based on the numbers Facebook is still making a killing compared to Twitter with Facebook having a total of 1.59 billion users compared to Twitter’s measly 320 million ( In 2011, Twitter became the ultimate threat to Facebook for many reasons, as you can see in some of the articles attached to this posting. One reason, for example, is the fact that in 2011 (the same year I got my first iPhone), Apple integrated IOS 5 to include twitter. This integration “gave twitter priority seating over Facebook with 10’s of millions of highly engaged mobile users” ( This advantage may seem like an unfair juxtaposition, however many of twitters features caught the eye of social media users such as the 140 character limit on tweets, which allows users to consume a lot of different information in a short period of time. Basically, Facebook started to get old- maybe from lack of integration of new features or the realization that waiting for virtual crops to harvest was a huge waste of time.

In June 2011, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo reported that Twitter was on pace to to add another 26 million active users in the following four months, equaling the total added in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined. Even if twitter still isn’t as popular as Facebook by the numbers, it’s still the biggest competitor, and it all began in 2011.

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