Month: September 2017

The monetization of social capital

According to Ashlee Humphreys in chapter 9 of her book, "Social Media: Enduring Principles," social capital is measured by the number and strength of social connectivity. (Humphreys 160). With the dawn of social media influencer marketing, social capital has become increasing qualitatively measured and is hugely significant to a number of online based industries. As … Continue reading The monetization of social capital


Your memes are salient

In a research article by  Pelled, Zilberstein, Tsirulnikov, Pick1, Yael Patkin, and Tal-Or (2017) the importance towards processing of either textual information or visual was investigated. The team found that when a profile contained a photo of the account holder with their friends or in a social setting, the participants did not want to look for … Continue reading Your memes are salient