Like a few of you folks out there, I’m struggling to actually write my essay. I have planned it out carefully for the last few weeks, but when the time came to actually begin, I couldn’t. Does anyone else experience the This? What kinds of methods help you over come this? I know my thesis, … Continue reading Input?


Eclipse Phase: Politics and Interactions

In the previous blog I discussed the implications of social networks and social economy within the context of Eclipse Phase, in this blog I will be covering the issues presenting in Eclipse phase regarding politics and governance in relation to individuals and social interactions. The political systems within the setting of Eclipse Phase are varied … Continue reading Eclipse Phase: Politics and Interactions

Eclipse Phase: Social Networks and Social Economies

In this two-part blog post, I will be examining and relating social media concepts to the fictional setting of Eclipse Phase, a tabletop roleplaying game where the technological singularity came and went, causing what amounts to an apocalypse to occur on the earth. To properly apply the social media concepts and contextualize them in relation … Continue reading Eclipse Phase: Social Networks and Social Economies

Social intrusion

Cyberbole, or the extensions of biases within the domain of media wherein social media or technology is described as unquestionably evil or effortlessly and endlessly helpful to the society it becomes a part of, is a symptomatic aspect of our increasing reliance and usage of technology on a faster and faster pace. (Briggs et. all) … Continue reading Social intrusion

Be Your Selves

Thompson notes in his article “Be Your Selves”, “The internet and social media don’t create new personalities; they allow people to express sides of themselves that social norms discourage in the “real world”. Although the internet can be a scary place where people explicitly share their opinions in a blatant manner, it can also be … Continue reading Be Your Selves

What factors might affect the construction of our imagined audiences?

Our concept of self, ideal self, and the looking glass self can affect the construction of our imagined audiences. Our concept of self is a work in progress because it changes along with changes in social structure. Therefore, we may believe that our imagined audiences expect to see the changes we make in response to … Continue reading What factors might affect the construction of our imagined audiences?